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Industrial Athletic Trainer - Part Time Jobs

Rancho Cucamonga, California
<p> Are you ready for a better work/life balance? Are you ready to make your impact on a wider audience of patients? Are you ready to join a team, rather than a company? You are ready for Occupational Healthcare. You are ready for Onsite Innovations.</p><p> Occupational Medicine is a growing trend among many large companies. It provides businesses the opportunity to emphasize health and wellness among their workforce, while resulting in cost savings for themselves.</p><p> As a leader in occupational healthcare, Onsite Innovations focuses on these practices and much more. At Onsite Innovations, we aim to build relationships with our client workforce, and encourage them to adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles.</p><p> We are currently adding an Athletic Trainer to our workforce on a full-time basis in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.</p><p> The ideal candidate will: Have a minimum of 2 years of certified Athletic Training experience Be a team player, with abundant relationship building and communication skills Have a passion for mentoring others to live healthier lifestyles Have a sound clinical understanding of treating and preventing injuries</p><p> If you are interested in taking your next career step within Occupational Healthcare, Onsite Innovations would love to talk with you. Please complete our quick application, and our Talent Acquisition Team will connect with you directly.</p>
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