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Electrical Technician/ Test Technician Jobs

Plainville, Connecticut

<p> **** Needs to have an electrical background and work experience. Not just electronics.*****</p><p> BEST CANDIATE WILL HAVE: ASSOCIATES IN ELECTRICAL or INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING.</p><p> ELECTRICAL BACKGROUND PREFERRED. EXPERIENCE in POWER LAB PREFERRED</p><p> DESCRIPTION:</p><p> Candidate must be able to work with a team of technical resources to carry out test requests from a Global Engineering Development team in the area of electrical and high power components. The candidate must have a strong knowledge of electricity principals; an Associate Degree in Electrical or Industrial Engineering and at least 2 years of related experience is desired. Must have basic knowledge in the operation of electrical and electromechanical equipment. Knowledge of UL, CSA, and IEC testing standards are also desired, as the candidate will be performing specific tests that requires the interpretation and understanding of the different standards.</p><p> JOB SKILL REQUIREMENTS:</p><p> Perform all technical functions relevant to the preparation and testing as specified by global test requests Prepare test equipment for carrying out specific electrical tests (Calibration, dielectric, etc.) Perform basic calculations/recording and tabulations of technical data and record them accordingly Maintain applicable records: enter maintenance requests, qualification records, and writing of laboratory reports as required. Maintain confidentiality in handling proprietary test data, formulations and data on patentable or other confidential items under development Perform routine environmental tests (Rain tests, temperature, humidity, etc.) Maintain laboratory equipment, supplies, and working area. Perform minor equipment calibration and repairs as needed</p>

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