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Folding Carton Project Managment Jobs

Carteret, New Jersey
<p> We have an excellent opportunity for a Folding Carton/Paper Project Technical Representative or Project Manager, located in either the Mid-Atlantic or Eastern areas of the country. The candidate must have over six years of experience in cartons. The candidate should be able to advise customers or the sales team on technical matters, perform estimation functions as required, work with senior leadership on customer experience improvement and technical services, and help build better relationships between the company and its clients. The candidate should be willing to travel to customer production facilities to assist with production problem solving and product development.</p><p> Candidates with expeirence in product development, or estimation, or project managment, or a combination of these skills in folding cartons will receive express consideration.</p><p> This is a full-time, permanent opportunity, with excellent pay and benefits.</p><p> All candidates must currently be based in the U.S. All candidates must be able to successfully pass a background check and drug screening.</p>
This job is no longer active. You can search for similar jobs here