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Mailroom Clerk Jobs

Norcross, Georgia
<p> Mailroom Clerk TRVJP3165</p><p> Norcross, GA 30092</p><p> 6 Month Contract</p><p> This is a 2nd shift position the hours are 3:30pm to 12:00 midnight. This position is in a production environment running a mail inserter</p><p> Job Responsibilities:</p><p> Operate a finishing inserter machine. (Inserters feed paper, staple and stuff into an envelope). Load paper into the machine by handfuls fanning paper as it is loaded. (2-3lbs.) Lift stacks of paper at times weighing 20-30lbs. Load envelopes and inserts into feeders on the machine by handfuls fanning as they are loaded. (1-2lbs) Clear paper jams from the deck and between rollers of the machine. Clear stapler jams as necessary by tilting 70lb stapler back to remove jams or if necessary replace stapler by sliding it onto a table along with another person assisting. Remove completed envelopes from output conveyor and stacking them into mail buckets or mail trays by handfuls. (1-5lbs) Opening and sometimes lifting cartons of envelopes (20-25lbs) which are pre-staged on pallets at the machine. Lifting full mail buckets or mail trays (weights trays 5 to 10lbs buckets 10 to 20lbs), and stacking them onto a postal pallet or placing them in to postal equipment. Use a pallet jack by inserting the forks under the pallet and pushing the handle up and down to lift the pallet (weighing approx. 550lbs) and pulling it to the staging area which is approximately 40ft away. Moving rolling postal APCs to staging area by pulling or pushing distance 40 to 200 ft. (weight approximately 800 to 900lbs when full). Lifting up to 45lb boxes in the DHL shipping area by taking them from the counter/scale and bending and placing on a pallet on the floor. Complete Quality assurance sheet by recording mail pieces processed. Complete Finisher meter logs. Function requires standing for at least 90% of the time, walking the length of the machine frequently & bending to pick up envelopes boxes and placing mail trays or buckets on to postal pallets or APCs.</p>
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