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Comcast Technician Jobs

McCook, Illinois
<p> Responsible for demonstrating a sufficient aptitude for acquiring the skills and knowledge involved in the competent performance of the tasks relating to broadband installation and troubleshooting activities. Provides written and field assessments, meeting/exceeding Comcast Employee Standards, and supervisor approval will be used to determine advancement to the next level. Functions in an entry-level, trainee position with an increasing degree of proficiency and decreasing degree of supervision with regard to those skills and tasks for which training and instruction are received during tenure in this position. This position is typically the start of the employee's telecommunications career. Continued employment is contingent upon achieving required training, certifications, and safety requirements.</p><p> Must HAVES</p><p> - a clean Driving Record and Valid Driver's license - able to work in confined spaces - able to lift up to 75 pounds - experience / ability to work outdoors - able to work in confined spaces</p><p> Compensation: $13.65 per hour + 5% - Opportunity for eligible earnings Hours of operation: 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM - 7 days a week. Will work weekends Work hours: This position will require you to work 40 hours per week, it might be 4 days (10 hrs) or 5 days (8 hrs) with shifts between 7:30am-6:30 pm, Monday thru Sunday. You will be working 1 weekend day as a new Technician. Depending on the shift you are assigned, it may be different than the training shift. REPLY TO THIS EMAIL WITH YOUR RESUME ATTACHED FOR CONSIDERATION- YOU MUST HAVE A RESUME TO BE CONSIDERED!</p>
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