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MPD Field Specialist Jobs

Casper, Wyoming
<p> MPD Field Specialist 12+ Months Casper WY 82604</p><p> Rotation Details : 20 and 10 schedule with travel</p><p> A diploma in a Technical Field preferably mechanical, electronical or instrumentation, or the equivalent in industry experience.</p><p> Candidates must break-out from a FS trainee position within 1-year as a Field Specialist, and must have a minimum of 5 years related MPD experience prior to becoming the lead WellSite Supervisor. KEY COMPETENCIES: Knowledge of slinging and lifting over head loads Understand the dangers of energized fluids and associated equipment Understand the dangers of noxious fumes Understand the dangers of working around high-pressure lines Understand Process and Information Diagrams and Flow Systems Understand the dangers of O deficient atmospheres 2 Familiar with regulatory code and safety policy Basic understanding of electronics Advanced understanding of mechanics Advanced understanding of hydraulics Familiar with drilling issues as they relate to drilling - velocity to clean a well Self-directed and demonstrates sound decision making Competent with Microsoft office products Excellent written and oral skills - must be capable of communicating with both technical and non- technical personnel at field and office level Understanding of interfacing protocols i.e. WITS and OPC</p><p> JOB SUMMARY: MPD operator have Wild Well Control certification and are experienced operating up to 25K chokes. Primary responsibilities of this position are the delivery of High Quality MPD Operations including pre- planning to our Clients at the Wellsite. Service quality, job preparation and planning and job safety are key priorities. (e.g., HSE, Hazid and Hazop) and producing the End-of-Well performance summary reports and recommendations. RELATIONSHIPS: The DPM Field Specialist will work within a Team of between 2-8 personnel at the Wellsite. Field Specialists will work closely with other key personnel on location: Company Men, Directional Drillers, Data Techs, Drilling Foreman and Drillers. DPM will rely on the Specialist to provide strategic customer information including client product and service requirements and expectations and post-well satisfaction. Essential Responsibilities and Duties: Delivery at the Wellsite of Managed Pressure Drilling jobs including pre-planning and logistics, supervision of all on-site DPM personnel and End-of-Well performance summary reports. Troubleshoot for field operations in the operation, maintenance and repair of Managed Pressure Drilling equipment Manage client relationship and expectations on-site, and when appropriate, demonstrate and explain Managed Pressure Drilling technology. Recommend new approaches and/or specifications for new and existing equipment, software and procedures May assist in managing optimum pressure control to achieve drilling objectives Carry out constant monitoring of equipment & instrumentation at the Wellsite/location, maintain and calibrate on the job as required including RCDs, DPAC, CCS, Chokes and Separator equipment. Assist in operating and maintaining database and data collection at wellsite and insuring proper and adequate data is collected and reported Assist in updating and calibrating CCS software to meet specific requirements. May make recommendations and devise new approaches for new and existing equipment, software, and procedures Maximize efficiency of equipment within operating parameters</p>
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