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Chemical Technician Jobs

Logan, Utah
<p> JOB TITLE: Specification Approval Technician</p><p> Chemical</p><p> Role Summary/Purpose R&D Specification, Bill of material approval position will check modified specifications and BOMs to ensure transfer of each from the legacy Oracle to the new Oracle instance are accurate and no changes are made. Essential Responsibilities Duties include (but are not limited to): Utilizing knowledge of chemistry and biology to check manufacturing bills of materials for accuracy and validity. Evaluating new BOMs compared to current BOMs and ensuring that no changes are made . Evaluating new Specifications compared to current specifications and ensuring that no changes are made . Evaluating new routings compared to current routings and ensuring that no changes are made. Use chemistry background to evaluate pH, osmolality, conductivity and other specifications to make sure they are reasonable and unchanged. Qualifications/Requirements Qualifications: 1. Chemistry and Biology college course work. 2. Attention to detail, ability to compare items and ensure equality.</p>
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