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Caterpillar 3500 3600 Engine Mechanic -need 10 Techs Jobs

Chicago, Illinois
<p> Waukesha, Caterpillar Engine Generator Mechanic-</p><p> Make over $100,000 yr</p><p> ROTATIONS $30-$39 per hr - Guaranteed 68 hours a week</p><p> </p><p> Waukesha - 3500-3600 Caterpillar Engine/Generator Field Mechanic (5 years) ROTATIONS - can live anywhere USA</p><p> Waukesha -3500-3600 Caterpillar Engine/Generator Field Mechanic (5 years) TRAVEL (only available in specific locations)</p><p> MUST have: 5 years extensive diagnostic, troubleshooting and repair on a range of Waukesha engines & up to 5mw generator Top end , bottom end, on engine and generator PM and other maintenance work Overhauls as required Lean and Rich burn Technology Understanding of Ohm's Law and other laws pertaining to electricity Installs and set up High Travel. Can be gone weeks at a time Master set of tools needed (for travel positions only - not for rotations)</p><p> Rotation Information: 14 days on 7 Days off Paid man camp housing Paid Meals Shuttle to and from airport Portion of airfare or mileage reimbursement covered Do NOT need tools- co will stock service trucks Full time employment guaranteed 68 hours week Full Benefits Package</p><p> Will have to pass pre employment drug screen, DOT physical Federal background check with no restrictions in obtaining a TWIC card. and no violent offenses ever</p><p> Must have valid license in good standing, with no DUI offenses -ever</p><p> Required experience:</p><p> 3500-3600 CAT - 3-5 years waukesha engines: 5 years generator mechanic: 5 years travel or road tech: 3 years Required licenses or certifications TWIC Driver's License</p><p> John: 800 241 5969</p><p> </p>
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