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US-Designer IV Jobs

Corvallis, Oregon
<p> Position Summary</p><p> Individuals in this position are expected to be a multi-disciplined engineering support technical resource for the operation, installation, repair, maintenance, and enhancement of wide variety of 3D products, technology systems and other related equipment sets, with an emphasis on safety. The primary responsibility of this individual is to provide technical support to the R&D engineering teams through the development cycle of new 3D products. This will involve working with a team in order to resolve complex technical issues using a wide variety of technical skills, including design, machining, integration, debugging etc.</p><p> Position Duties and Responsibilities</p><p> 1. Follows all SSME safety requirements for design development, building, upgrading, and maintaining all equipment sets.</p><p> 2. Participation in designs and developing processes and system solutions as required for the resolution of highly complex technical problems. Including but not limited to; experimentation and test of new and existing designs, design of assemblies and test fixtures for the purpose of design optimization, and involvement with the development and implementation of design modifications and other development activities with minimal direction.</p><p> 3. Contributes to determining root cause of highly complex technical problems, then proposes, develops and implements solutions for corrective action.</p><p> 4. Performs modifications and systematic repair on a wide variety of tool sets, circuit boards, and sub-assemblies to component level, comprising of various technologies and concepts using standard and non-standard processes.</p><p> 5. Records and maintains a historically documented log of failures, repairs, and modifications performed on equipment sets.</p><p> 6. Has the ability to use the following software packages, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook Exchange, Adobe Photoshop, Unix, Basic Visual, etc.</p><p> 7. Assist engineering and other technicians in designing, building, debugging, documenting, installing and evaluating R&D project tools and fixtures.</p><p> 8. Maintains updated knowledge regarding new technologies, standards and implementation methods with respect to their impact on Client products, processes, and services.</p><p> 9. Perform precision alignments and calibrations on whole systems and sub-systems; also verify tool setups, relocations, and reconfigurations.</p><p> 10. Performs preventive maintenance procedures on a wide variety of equipment sets.</p><p> 11. Demonstrates a safety first behavior in the workplace at all times. Support and promote safe practices for using chemicals, tooling, and all related equipment. Enhances equipment sets to meet safety, SSME, productivity, and serviceability needs by designing, machining, and/or fabricating components, hardware or fixtures.</p><p> 12. Assists with training on equipment sets to include documentation, theory of operation, daily maintenance, operation, and simple troubleshooting.</p><p> 13. Provides input to Purchasing, Engineering, Production, Facilities Maintenance, and equipment suppliers to coordinate equipment repairs, improvements, installations, and component ordering.</p><p> 14. Perform, maintain, and setup computer systems to control equipment sets according to specified configuration requirements for both hardware and software. Troubleshoot computer setups and installation of operating systems.</p><p> 15. Safety Leadership Compliance with, and adherence to, Client Safety standards and procedures.</p>
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