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QHSE-Quality Health Safety Environment Jobs

Midland, Texas
<p> HSE Specialist Level 1</p><p> Contract to Hire/Direct Hire Midland TX 79706</p><p> 2 positions</p><p> Rotation Details:- Normal work schedule typically from 8:00AM - 5:00PM. There will be some overtime that will be required for field visits and regular Health and Safety support. Overtime pay will be applicable.</p><p> Job Summary: The QHSE Specialist Level 1 supports local Management in establishing and continuously improving the Quality and HSE culture within the worksite.</p><p> Essential Responsibilities and Duties: To develop Managers' awareness and ensure Quality and HSE are an integral part of Line Management responsibilities and objectives. To assist Line Management in:- Implementing the QHSE Management System.- Monitoring QHSE objectives.- Liaising with local contractors, and agencies regarding QHSE.- Assessing the local risks.- Generating local QHSE procedures, work instructions and checklists as required.- Preparing and monitoring QHSE plans that define how the QHSE Management System is implemented at location level.- Monitoring compliance to policies, standards and procedures.- Plan and assist in compliance audits and self audits (QHSE MS, QHSE and Segment standards). To advise Management on corrective action required. To co-ordinate and actively participate in the screening and QHSE training of all personnel, including contractors. To keep abreast of any new documentation and training material related to QHSE and to inform management accordingly. To ensure that the relevant QHSE documentation is readily available on the site. To advise Management on the level of compliance of the local QHSE program with Schlumberger, local and national requirements/regulations of the host country. To actively monitor & follow-up on QHSE reports and facilitate LPT meetings, Quality and HSE audits . To support line management in investigations of failures and accidents. To develop and maintain a high level of awareness among all personnel through communications, training, and promoting active involvement of SLB Personnel in Quality and HSE. To recommend improvements to the QHSE program. Regular Quest reviews to ensure the logged data is correct and up to date. To analyze Quality and HSE trends for the location.</p><p> Education Requirements: Minimum of 3 years experience QHSE recognized as strength on last SLP3- Good communication skills- Basic computer skills- Basic English understanding Required Experience: Competencies to develop: All "Core" modules as defined in the QHSE Staff Development Program Level 1 as well as any additional Segment specific training modules assigned to Level 1.</p><p> Job Summary (continued...) Oil and gas experiences in HSE- focusing in Environment Strong environmental background experience dealing with larger quality generator status, disposal of chemicals, weekly and monthly inspections, air quality, storm water management, analyzing and sample environmental waste, annual waste summary, NOR, creating waste stream, SARA Teir 2 reports, SPCC, and waste minimization. Also will be required to complete field visits and regular Health and safety support function.</p>
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