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Chief Engineer (Laundry/Linen) Jobs

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
<p> Our client is looking for Chief Engineer for their production plant located in Philadelphia, PA. Our client is part of the largest group of commercial hospitality laundry service providers.</p><p> Chief Engineer needs the ability to repair, modify, and rebuild, all dry cleaning and laundry equipment. Must be proficient in troubleshooting electrical and pneumatic controls, rebuild pumps, valves, regulators, and have an excellent understanding of steam and boiler systems. Must have Tunnel Washer experience. Must be able to read and interpret electrical schematic diagrams and utilize a variety of testing equipment for troubleshooting of equipment. A high school diploma or equivalent is required. The ability to multi-task and maintain a high level of efficiency is a MUST!</p><p> Desired Qualifications: 5 years experience servicing dry cleaning machines, presses, tunnel washers and boiler equipment. Technical or on-site training in electronics, electricity, mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic systems related to dry cleaning plants.</p><p> Send your resume to Jericho Group Consultants or call Jeff Thompson @ 440-897-2528</p>
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