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Senior Geotechnical Engineer Jobs

New York, New York
<p> </p><p> </p><p xss=removed> Large Engineering firm located in NYC needs:</p><p xss=removed> Senior Geotechnical Engineer</p> a minimum of 15 years of cumulative experience and responsibility. business development, client interaction, and managing multiple projects of varying size and complexity (technical review and associated administrative tasks). Candidates with NYC experience is a plus.<p xss=removed> Requirements:</p> Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (a Masters Degree with a concentration in Geotechnical Engineering is a plus, as well as a current Professional Engineering license (NYS is preferred). NYC and NYS Building Codes commonly-used Geotechnical Engineering software packages (e.g., APile, LPile, WEAP, Slide, Plaxis) all aspects of Geotechnical Engineering, including subsurface explorations, related analyses and reporting, design development and construction document support, and construction-related Special Inspections. excellent writing and speaking skills, and be able to work in a collaborative and dynamic team environment, with the emphasis of bringing in new work and clients.<p xss=removed> IMMEDIATE INTERVIEW!</p><p xss=removed> </p><p> Large Engineering firm located in NYC needs:</p><p> Geotechnical Engineer</p> 3-6 years of experience a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering (a Masters Degree with a concentration in Geotechnical Engineering is a plus) EIT certificate preferably located in New York metropolitan area.<p> Responsibilities:</p> providing geotechnical oversight and logging of geotechnical explorations (borings, test pits, CPTs); developing laboratory and field testing programs; preparing engineering analyses for slope stability, settlement and consolidation estimates, deep foundation design (compressive, uplift, and lateral capacities), mat foundation design, ground surcharging, and ground improvement techniques (soil grouting, ground freezing, etc.), and soil liquefaction; preparing engineering reports, including the evaluation of collected field and laboratory results, preparation of figures and drawings; providing field oversight for Special Inspection during construction for subgrade inspection, controlled filling and in-place density testing, deep foundation installation (driven/drilled piles). Underpinning and Support of Excavation (SOE) experience a plus.<p> Requirements:</p> good writing and analytical skill, and be able to work in a collaborative and dynamic team environment. some field work is required; applicants may be required travel to work sites in New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Connecticut and New Jersey, with work being performed Monday through Friday and the possibility of occasional overtime, evening, and weekend work. Applicants should be familiar with the following computer software: AutoCAD, gINT, APile, LPile, All Pile, GRL WEAP, Slide, and Shoring Suite. Knowledge of PLAXIS, Shake 2000, and other advanced modelling programs a plus. Applicants with OSHA 10-hr or 40-hour HAZWOPER training a plus.<p> IMMEDIATE INTERVIEW!</p><p> </p><p xss=removed> Please email your resume in WORD format and current base salary requirements ASAP: Darrenf AT rtijobs . com</p>
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