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Quantitative Specialist MM7324600 Jobs

Springfield, Massachusetts
<p> Quantitative Specialist MM7324600</p><p> 4 Month Contract</p><p> Springfield MA</p><p> Duties: Under direct supervision of an actuary, responsible for performing routine tasks, analysis and reporting following documented processes to support the annuity rate setting function. Provide administrative and technical support that includes entering data into actuarial models, running the models, and generating results, preparing reports and implementing rates in the business systems. Comply with model governance and quality standards while performing established processes. Ensure process documents accurately reflect current practices, making updates as necessary.</p><p> Skills: Excel, Mathematical skills, Attention to detail, Administrative competencies, Ability to follow processes</p><p> Keywords:</p><p> Education: College degreepreferred</p><p> Skills and Experience:</p><p> Required Skills:</p><p> ACTUARIAL</p><p> GOVERNANCE</p><p> QUANTITATIVE</p><p> TECHNICAL SUPPORT</p><p> Languages:</p><p> English</p><p> Read</p><p> Write</p><p> Speak</p><p> Minimum Degree Required: Bachelor's Degree</p>
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