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Office Service Support Jobs

Burlington, Massachusetts
<p> "Responsibilities: - on site building engineer services</p><p> 1. Facilities</p><p> a) Provide assistance to other office employees.</p><p> b) Coordinate repairs within physical office space such as carpeting, repainting, etc.</p><p> c) Function as a liaison between, property manager, and other vendors.</p><p> 2. Purchasing</p><p> a) Obtain vendor price quotes, prepare purchase requisitions with accompanying justification via Self Service Applications, obtain vendor statements of work, arrange for new vendor setup, prepare check requests and route requests to appropriate management level for approval.</p><p> b) Maintain adequate inventory of general office supplies including supplies for office equipment. c) Maintain adequate funds for meter. Where applicable, prepare check requests for postage.</p><p> d) Prepare monthly PO report to monitor run rate against established PO amount.</p><p> 3. General Office Equipment/Audio Visual Equipment</p><p> a) Ensure installed AV equipment as well as portable equipment is functional; coordinate repairs as required.</p><p> b) Assist in troubleshooting AV problems and be available to assist with spontaneous equipment requirements.</p><p> 5. New Hire Orientation</p><p> a) Assign space for new hires.</p><p> b) Orient new employees to general office procedures.</p><p> c) Participate in monthly new hire orientation presentations with HR, sales, and education where applicable.</p><p> 6. Safety & Security</p><p> a) Maintain file of employee home addresses and emergency contacts.</p><p> b) Function as after-hours contact for alarm monitoring company and property management.</p><p> c) Responsible for overall office safety & security.</p><p> 7. Reception & switchboard</p><p> a) Provide backup to the receptionist in ensuring the switchboard is promptly opened at the designated time and secured after closing time.</p><p> b) Answer and direct all calls in an efficient, accurate, professional and pleasant manner.</p><p> c) Maintain conference room schedules for the facility via Web Calendar or ARIA.</p><p> 9. Mail services</p><p> a) Sort and distribute all incoming and interoffice mail and deliveries, including preparing and sending mail and deliveries received for home-based employees.</p><p> b) Prepare, meter and send all outgoing mail.</p><p> 10) Function Specific Competencies :</p><p> a) Use of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and email</p><p> b) Ability to lift 55 lbs</p>
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