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QC Lab Technician Jobs

Clearwater, Florida
<p> Job Summary</p><p> The Quality Control Lab Technician - Liquid performs standard test procedures on material samples to ensure quality and conformance to specifications.</p><p> DESCRIPTION OF ESSENTIAL DUTIES:</p> Test raw material and finished powder coating samples per established specifications which includes processing of material and test panel preparation Make pass/fail determinations based on listed specifications and product knowledge Make adjustments to out-of-spec material Apply knowledge of the production process and understanding of formulation technology to solve production related problems Produce neat and orderly documents and reports such as product run logs, certificates of analysis, recertification records and others as requested Operate all equipment and instruments in a safe manner Responsible for upkeep and cleanliness of laboratory equipment and instruments As part of the housekeeping procedures, the employee may be involved with the disposal of hazardous waste. The initial training of how to properly dispose of hazardous waste will be performed by the Environmental and Safety Coordinator or the department supervisor. Annual training of the same will be performed by the Environmental and Safety Coordinator. Other duties as assigned<p> QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS:</p> Preferred education level: High school diploma or equivalent One to three years of experience in a laboratory setting preferably in a manufacturing environment. Experience with pre-mixing equipment, scales, colorimeter/particle analyzer/gloss meter, extruders, grinders, film gauges and spray guns. Excellent basic math skills including conversion from standard to metric Excellent computer skills including experience in production software Excellent communication skills Willing to work in a team environment Ability to receive and provide instructions in a positive manner<p> Must Have:</p><p> 1. High school diploma or equivalent? (preferred) 2. 1 to 3 years of experience in a laboratory setting preferably in a manufacturing environment? 3. Experience with the use of various types of related equipment such as extruders and mills? 4. Computer skills including experience in production software? (preferred)</p><p> </p>
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