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Aerospace Lab Manager Jobs

Wilder, Vermont
<p> Job Summary</p><p> The Aerospace Laboratory Manager oversees the development of rig testing activities for compressors, turbines and pumps. The successful candidate must have a deep understanding of turbomachinery instrumentation and controls and broad experience developing test programs. This individual will supervise and coordinate our highly-trained laboratory personnel in the assembly and test of both development and production rigs and equipment as well as have a hands-on role. A BSME degree is required with a minimum of 10 years of experience in an engineering test environment with 5 years' supervisory experience desired. </p><p> 1. Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or related? 2. 10+ years of experience in an engineering test environment including turbomachinery instrumentation and controls? 3. 5+ years of supervisory experience?</p>
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