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Engineering Sales Manager - Turbomachinery Jobs

Chelmsford, Massachusetts
<p> Job Summary</p><p> This role requires substantial experience in turbomachinery design and development and the ability to build a high performing sales presence in the region. The successful candidate will be responsible for market research, prospecting, shaping, proposal preparation and management, and closing large projects. The Engineering Sales Manager must be an effective member of the Sales and Marketing team and form strong relationships with our channel partners. The manager will work closely with customers to refine their needs and offer complex and insightful long-term solutions.</p> Must be a team player with strong writing, organizational and interpersonal communication skills. Proficiency with Microsoft Office is a must as well as strategic/business development experience. A working familiarity with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or HubSpot is preferred. Background must include past technical and sales experience in engineering services. Possess a post-graduate degree in Engineering Have a technical foundation in turbomachinery Solid basis in business fundamentals. A minimum of 15 years of relevant Engineering and Sales experience is strongly preferred.<p> Must Have 1. Master's degree in Engineering? 2. Strategic business development experience including technical and sales experience in engineering services? 3. Technical foundation in turbomachinery, and a solid basis in business fundamentals? 4. 15+ years of relevant Engineering and Sales experience? (strongly preferred) 5. Microsoft Dynamics CRM or HubSpot experience? (preferred)</p>
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