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Family Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Lisbon, Maine
<p>This CHC, located in the greater Augusta area, that was established to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to the areas residents.</p><p>The CHC offer the FNP an opportunity to Practice:</p><p>Thru innovative patient patient-centered, primary care servicesThe Nurse Practitioners focus is on the patient with a commitment to improving mind, body and spiritThe FNP will work in an integrated system to provide top quality care to all the patients</p><p>The FNPs responsibilities will be:</p><p>To manage a patient panelTo treat all age groupsTo see work a 4 day 10 hr. schedule and see on average 18-20 patients</p><p>The Nurse Practitioner must:</p><p>Have 2+ years of Family Nurse Practitioner experience in a primary care settingBe able to work independentlyUnderstands that the quality care that patient receives is their first priority</p><p>The CHC offers:</p><p>A competitive salaryCost free health insuranceLoan repayment assistantFull complement of benefits.</p><p>Live in Central Maine where the cities and towns throughout the area offer excellent schools, annual festivals, award-winning restaurants, a variety of theater and musical performances, art galleries and museums, and historical attractions</p>
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