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Customer Service Administrator Jobs

Belmont, California
<p>Job Description:</p><p>The position has many duties related to the overall customer experience such as, stock and deliver inventory and classroom supplies, print class sign in sheets, troubleshoot PCs, create signs to point students to the right class, and escalate issues to management and local facilities personnel</p><p>Responsible for meeting and greeting students upon arrival as well as ensuring the overall facility is clean and prepared for business.</p><p>Responsibilities: -</p><p>Meet and greet students: direct unregistered students to reception, direct to classrooms and rest rooms</p><p>Escalate any facilities issues to appropriate partiesAssist in technical troubleshooting of PCs, Inventory: receive shipments of student materials; keep inventory of extra materials</p><p>Ability to move boxes up to 40 pounds.</p>
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