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Fully Paid CDL Training/ NO Experience Necessary! #003 Jobs

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

<p>Have you been wanting to obtain a Class A License?</p><p>Are you interested in driving a tractor-trailer?</p><p>Would you enjoy being on the open road?</p><p>Would you like a career change?</p><p></p><p>If so, our training program is for YOU!Please read the belowinformation carefully prior to applying. We want you to be fully informed!</p><p>PROGRAM SPECIFICS- NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!!!</p> Tuition Expenses and lodging paid while you attend our premier school Paid travel to and from school Paid training as a new driver 9 month contractual commitment<p>WHAT IS REQUIRED OF YOU</p> A resume with three years of job history, includingnotations for any unemployment time. (If you are currently enrolled in school, that IS counted as employment.) Must be 21 years or older Must have a clean driving record *******If you have tickets or accidents within the last three years,they will be reviewed. Please disclose them on your resume when you apply. Total up front cost to you, the applicant, is approximately $100 (covering the permit, application fee, and licensing fee)<p>SCHOOLING AND TRAINING PHASES</p> You will have your physical and permit covered by our company. You will obtain both of these in your home state. You will attend driving school in Salt Lake City, UT (approx 2.5 weeks). You will be sent home and picked up by a trainer for Phase 1 training. Once you’ve completed schooling, you will begin Phase 1 training with an over-the-road professional, company certified trainer with weekly pay at $495/wk avg. (1months/ 180 hours) Once you’ve completed Phase 1 training, you will begin Phase 2 training as a second-seat driver with weekly pay at $575/wk avg. (1.5 months) You will have the option to request hometime during Phase 1 or 2. After completion of Phase 2, you will have options to select a driving position from the following: -Lead Driver -Advanced Lead -Dedicated/Regional -Team -Over-the-Road<p>Please submit your resume, and check us out at</p><p></p><p></p>

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