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Data Analyst Jobs

Plainsboro, New Jersey
<p>Job Responsibility</p><p>Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following:</p><p>- Assist in the execution for the processes for product (Material master/BOM master) introduction in SAP to support evaluation samples, customer samples and large scale production according with the rules and guidelines provided;</p><p>-Assist in the execution of CMIR maintenance for customer master data</p><p>- Executes the processes for raw material introduction in SAP (externally procured materials, manufactured raw materials and sub-composition introduction) according to the rules and guidelines provided;</p><p>- Executes the processes for material data maintenance in SAP, including product transfers, data cleansing (e.g. status change, change of valuation classes and procurement type changes) and extensions of existing material data in US plants/Sales organizations;</p><p>- Ensures respect of processes and standards; enforces process compliance in own area;</p><p>- Support to commercial users in material area, including verification of materials, issue detection and troubleshooting, mass maintenance;</p><p>- Executes the process for Standard packs maintenance, including linking packs to materials for sales, IG purchasing and change of default standard packs for materials;</p><p>- Coordinate the creation of new Standard packs;</p><p>- Coordination with the Core-DB material data segments owners (e.g.</p><p>Formula Administration, Purchasing, Finance, QC)</p>
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