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Director of Operations Jobs

Newark, New Jersey
<p>Major nonprofitis currently seeking an experienced Director of Public Space Operations to help grow services in the areas of public space design, green infrastructure, and urban design, as well as, to manage the direction of the in-house horticulture program.</p><p>Responsibilities:</p> Management and oversight of cleaning contract, maintenance operations, and street recycling program Evaluating and tracking performance of cleaning contractor & managing financial aspects of cleaning contractor Preparing budgets, reviewing and approving invoices, resolving problems and discrepancies Working with public agencies to address systemic cleanliness and maintenance matters Work with SID residents, property managers, and business owners to promptly address cleanliness and maintenance issues in the downtown district Respond promptly to questions and concerns of SID residents, property managers and business owners Perform numerous administrative functions in the management of the NDDs operations Provide verbal and written administrative and technical updates to promote the optimal efficiency of work projects Represent the NDD as a participant on or advisor to various boards, committees, official City employees and staff, and citizens groups to relate or promote the NDDs position in various areas Review complex urban-related data (i.e. crime, homelessness, housing, vehicular, pedestrian, retail, etc.) study trends/patterns, collect information & prepare reports/documents based on research<p>Qualifications:</p><p>At least 7 years of professional experience overall, with a minimum of five years operations experience, with property management or public works experience preferred</p><p>Salary is up to 90K</p>
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