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Scheduler Jobs

<p>~~RESPONSIBILITIES:</p><p>1.Interfacing with the client project managers as required, including the interpretation of the client needs, translating their requirements in to workable solutions.</p><p>2.Keeping under constant review all duties and practices and recommending and actively participating in developing new and improved methods to meet changing demands.</p><p>3.Attend pre-construction / design meetings to assist with reviews for the Project Manager.</p><p>4.Provide a detailed project master schedule (critical path schedule). The Project schedule will be split in four schedule sections to indicate design, bid, procurement and construction activities, identifying critical paths. This schedule will be updated weekly. The format of the schedule will also have to conform to the Clients template. This will allow the client to obtain and report on information as needed to fulfil its own requirements as well as those of the Cm and A/E.</p><p>5.The schedule will be produced in Gantt (bar) chart format. The project critical path will be highlighted to appropriately direct the efforts of the project team. Baseline tracking is generally used such that the agreed Master Schedule is set as the baseline for the project and progress is tracked against this baseline.</p><p>6.The schedule will address at least three levels of control:i.Level 3 A detailed schedule addressing all controlled activities. This schedule is focussed on providing the various discipline task forces with information for control and reporting of their activities.ii.Level 2 A schedule rolled up from Level 3 to discipline level. This schedule is focussed on providing HCPR management with information at discipline level for regular progress reviews.iii.Level 1 A high level schedule rolled up from level 3 for reporting to the client and also for including in the project monthly reports.</p><p>7.Further to that a 3 week look ahead schedule will be provided for the weekly construction management meetings. This will be used to coordinate construction activities with ongoing manufacturing operations. This schedule will be put together with the assistance of the project field engineers.</p><p>8.Work with the Procurement Manager to provide a procurement schedule that will be updated weekly and is to be reviewed at the weekly construction management meetings.</p><p>9.From the Master Schedule a Summary schedule will be developed to be included in the Monthly Report which shall include all major milestones.</p><p>10.Lead the specific performance measurement systems with the aid of the field measuring assistance. This will be a joint effort with the Project controls Manager to ensure that this system is maintained accurately and is suitable for presentation to the client.</p><p>11.Maintain a daily diary on all site activities. This will be used as a contractual record of project CM activities. Originals to be issued to the project administration assistant on a weekly basis for inclusion in the project master filing system..</p><p>PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS</p><p>Tertiary qualified with a Bachelors degree in construction management, business or engineering discipline.</p><p>EXPERIENCE</p><p>Proven experience and knowledge on Bio Tech and Pharmaceutical facilities, scheduling for a broad range of projects ranging in dollar value and complexity.</p><p>SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES1.Computer literate with a sound working knowledge of word processing, and spread sheet package is a requirement, together with knowledge of database or project management packages.2.Possess good written and oral communication skills.4.Ability to work autonomously and under pressure to meet constant deadlines.5.Well organized, with an ability to prioritize.6.Hands-on team player, fostering a sense of team building.7.Possessing strong interpersonal and personal skills including:an ability to manage conflictan ability to work and deal with people at different levels and of different culturesa sense of urgencybeing self-motivated and with initiative</p>
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