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Material Master/bom master/SAP Mm/wm Consultant Jobs

Plainsboro, New Jersey
<p>Job Responsibility</p><p>Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to the following:</p><p>- Assist in the execution for the processes for product ()</p><p>introduction in SAP to support evaluation samples, customer samples and</p><p>large scale production according with the rules and guidelines provided;</p><p>-Assist in the execution of CMIR maintenance for customer master data</p><p>- Executes the processes for raw material introduction in SAP</p><p>(externally procured materials, manufactured raw materials and</p><p>sub-composition introduction) according to the rules and guidelines</p><p>provided;</p><p>- Executes the processes for material data maintenance in SAP, including</p><p>product transfers, data cleansing (e.g. status change, change of</p><p>valuation classes and procurement type changes) and extensions of</p><p>existing material data in US plants/Sales organizations;</p><p>- Ensures respect of processes and standards; enforces process</p><p>compliance in own area;</p><p>- Support to commercial users in material area, including verification</p><p>of materials, issue detection and troubleshooting, mass maintenance;</p><p>- Executes the process for Standard packs maintenance, including linking</p><p>packs to materials for sales, IG purchasing and change of default</p><p>standard packs for materials;</p><p>- Coordinate the creation of new Standard packs;</p><p>- Coordination with the Core DB material data segments owners (e.g.</p><p>Formula Administration, Purchasing, Finance, QC);</p><p></p><p>Descriptions</p><p>- Coordination with the key global functions in the material management</p><p>area (e.g. Supply Pattern, regulatory and SCIN);</p><p>- Proactive support to colleagues in other data maintenance</p><p>organizations;</p><p>- Active participation to process improvement;</p><p>- Perform other duties as required.</p><p></p>
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