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Service Technician for Custom Machine Jobs

Randolph Township, New Jersey
<p>CustomMachineDesign company looking for aServiceTechnician. They are in need of aservicetech that can travel say 40-60% of the time. Not full time travel.TheServiceTech needs to have experience in continuous motionmachines, feed bowls, and some PLC knowledge (not a programmer, just ability to hook laptop up etc.).</p><p>Ask yourself Experience:1. Experience in continuous motionmachinesand feed bowls?2. Some PLC knowledge? (not a programmer, just ability to hook laptop up etc.).3. Experience with packagingmachineryor similar?4. Ability to travel 40% to 60% to customer sites around the US and some international?5. Local?</p>
This job is no longer active. You can search for similar jobs here