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Assistant Manager - Regulatory Reporting Jobs

New York, New York
<p>Major Financial Institution is currently seeking an Assistant Manager Regulatory Reporting to be responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the Agency's daily General Ledgers, including checking various account balances for reasonability and ensuring new accounts are mapped correctly on the regulatory reporting grid. The incumbent also provides back up support for certain accounting and financial reporting functions.</p><p>Responsibilities:</p><p>Prepare various external Federal and State Regulatory reports, including, but not limited to the following:</p> FR 2900 and FR 2951 Report of Transaction Accounts and Vault Cash, and Certain Euro-Currency Liabilities, respectively. The FR 2900 report is prepared daily and submitted weekly and FR 2951 is prepared and submitted once a year as of June 30th. The FR 2900 is used to compute the daily reserves to be maintained at the FRNBY. FRB 2644 Report of Assets and Liabilities (i.e., weekly balance sheet). Prepared and submitted weekly. FRB TIC reports (ie. Claims on and Liabilities to Foreigners and Country Exposure). Prepared and submitted Monthly and Quarterly to FRB. Assist the Deputy Controller and prepare U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis quarterly and annual benchmark surveys i.e. BE605-Bank report, Foreign Govt. Securities Survey etc and other special regulatory or benchmark surveys as required NY State Assets Pledged daily record of assets deposited by Branches/Agencies of Foreign Banks pursuant to section 202-b (1) of The New York State Banking law. The statement is submitted at the end of each month; however, the Agency must keep a record of the pledge requirement on a daily basis. Prepare and submit Annual Abandoned Property report to the New York State Comptroller. Assist the Deputy Controller in the preparation of the Agency's FFIEC002 Call Report. The Call report is the US equivalent of the Agencys balance sheet and is submitted to the Federal Reserve Bank and The New York State Banking Department on a calendar quarter-end basis. This is the most important report and source of information emanating from the Agency and is scrutinized internally and externally. It is voluminous and requires weeks of preparation, information gathering and manipulations and reshuffling of Banks compiled data Correct interpretation of regulatory guidelines is absolutely essential as is the development and accuracy of the various schedules leading to the timely submission of the report. Prepare various internal Management Reports submitted to Chief Accountants Department E.O. (ie. Quarterly VIE and LAPA analysis and the monthly Investment Statement for Nova Scotia Corp.), as well as other E.O. Departments (i.e., Average Monthly Statement of Federal Reserve Account Balances, schedule of quarterly Corporate tax payments). Run the IDOM REG Reporter system reports in the preparation of our regulatory reports. Act as liaison with Toronto GWS Departments in Toronto (i.e., TAG Development and GWS Loan Accounting and Derivative Products) in resolving problems with our system generated reports. Other responsibilities, as designated by the US GBM CFO, NYA Regulatory Finance Director or Deputy Controller.<p>The ideal candidate must have 5+ years experience with call reports.</p><p>Salary is up to 150K</p>
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