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Word Processor/receptionist Jobs

Woodland Hills, California
<p>Responsibilities include:</p><p></p><p>Prepares source data for computer entry by compiling and sorting information</p><p>Enters customer and account data by inputting alphabetic and numeric information on keyboard according to screen format</p><p>Verifies entered data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data.</p><p>Light filing/answering phones/other administrative duties</p><p></p><p></p><p>Will be responsible for sending out forms and documentation and digital filing.</p><p></p><p>May be required to display product knowledge by resolving customer questions</p><p></p><p>May be required to use customer service skills to provide accurate answers and solutions to the customer</p><p></p><p>Enters and verifies alphanumeric data from a variety of sources, including paper-based, electronic and phone, into a computer database. Handles complex functions or transactions, including priority accounts or transactions that require error-free work. Can resolve problems related to correct data entry procedures, but may have to refer unusual problems to manager. May code, search, extract and interpret information to determine correct input procedure. Attention to detail and ability to efficiently process data is key.</p><p></p><p>Job Requirements</p><p>Skills/Qualifications:</p><p></p><p>Must be proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel</p><p>Attention to Detail, Confidentiality, Thoroughness, Decision Making, Independence, Analyzing Information, Results Driven, Energy Level</p><p>Strong communication skills</p><p>Applicants should be well-spoken</p><p>The applicant must know how to use a computer and Excel</p><p>The work is very detailed and can become tedious so the applicant must be focused.</p><p>Written and spoken grammar must be professional</p>
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