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Structural Packaging Designer Jobs

Simi Valley, California
<p>We are seeking an experienced designer, with two or more years designing corrugated/POP. Pelase read carefully -- we can only consider candidates that have the requisite software and corrugated experience. The candidate should have experience utilizing a design table, making prototypes and must have experience with ArtiosCad software. The finalist should be able to work in a fast paced design environment -- will be involved with new application design, new projects, and more. The candidate should be able to work with a design team and be able to prioritize tasks. Understanding ArtiosCad is essential; the candidate should be able to use the software to design custom corrugated and related products. A recent graduate may be considered, if the graduate demonstrates exceptional internship/co-op experience utilizing ArtiosCad throughout their educational process.</p><p>Summary: Strucutal Designer. Must have Artioscad expeirence and experience with corrugate design.</p><p>All candidates must currently be based in the U.S. All candidates must be able to pass a background check and drug screening.</p>
This job is no longer active. You can search for similar jobs here