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Network Engineer Jobs

Bend, Oregon
<p>What we are looking for:</p><p>2+ years' experience maintaining and supporting network systemsCisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT)Troubleshooting skills in switching, routing and security Qualifications:</p><p>Evolving a team previously focused on our legacy AS400 ERP to a NOCFirst backfill hired with domain background, needs to share/mentorHourly Shift-work, non-exempt, 4-midnightSeeking an ops/NOC specialistOperational duties: back-ups and updates, troubleshoot the WAN, watch monitors, drive ticketsRequires a CCENT, prefer CCNA</p><p>Questions to Ask Yourself:</p> Do you have a CCNA or at least a CCENT? Experience in a NOC with Operational duties like back-ups and updates, troubleshoot the WAN, watch monitors, driving tickets? Do you have an interest insharing knowledge & mentoring others? Are you ok with Hourly Shift-work? (non-exempt, 4-midnight)<p></p><p>Benefits</p><p>Non-contributory Retirement Trust</p><p>Eligible in 18-24 months - contribution typically doesn't happen until 18-24 months</p><p>15% of base salary annually</p><p>6-year vest</p><p>Eligibility is on 1 year anniversary and then employee gets a prorated amount paid at end of calendar year. Example. If one 12/1/16 that person would become eligible on 12/1/17 and will receive a months portion for 2017 and then at the end of 2018 he/she will receive their first full 15% contribution but will be 2 years vested.</p><p>Annual Dividend</p><p>Eligibility: Must be employedJan 1 - Dec 31of a calendar year</p><p>Annual Pay-out in March 15</p><p>Dependent on: company performance - last 10 years it has paid out at 100% but 2016 it paid out above 100%. The expectation is that it will pay out at 100% every year but is not guaranteed.</p><p>The first bonus will be based on the amount of money the joining employee earns in their initial year so essentially prorated for the first year. Joining employees will be eligible to receive bonus for work in their start year and it will pay out on March 15 of the following year.</p><p>Hourly Bonus is based on a share system. New employees get 1 share once they complete first calendar year. Last 4 years average is $1895 per share. Prior to one year, employees get a portion of 1 share dependent on when they start. Q1 - 3/4 share, Q2 - 1/2 share, Q3 - 1/4 share, Q4 - 0 sharesCisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)Associate's Degree</p><p>This is an opportunity to bring your domain expertise in networking to our Network Operations Center (NOC) in Bend, Oregon, this is a critical role in maintaining operational excellence driving activities like back-ups, updates, troubleshooting the WAN, watching monitors, and resolving tickets, were looking for someone with experience in a NOC environment. This role performs network operational support tasks on existing systems under direct supervision and provides support for the implementation of new systems and technologies.</p><p></p><p>PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES/FUNCTIONS</p> Install and configure network infrastructure Monitoring network stability Troubleshoot and identify root cause and resolution Schedule and perform network maintenance, repair, and upgrade tasks Various routine activities related to switches, routers, firewalls, etc. Assist in the implementation of new technologies and associated projects<p></p><p>MINIMUM EDUCATION & SKILLS REQUIRED</p><p>Educational/Experience Requirements:</p> Associate's Degree or 2-4 years experience in maintaining and supporting network systems in an enterprise or service provider environment Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) required Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification preferred<p>Required Technical Skills/Knowledge:</p> Knowledge and troubleshooting skills of network functions, including switching, routing and security Basic understanding of network protocols such as TCP/IP and services such as DNS and DHCP<p></p><p></p>
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