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Documentation Specialist I Jobs

Bridgewater, New Jersey
<p>Job Title:Documentation Specialist IJob Location:Bridgewater, NJJob Duration: 7 monthsJustification: WORKLOAD in BW (RM FILING)Paper Studies:multiple studies in process to archivemultiple paper studies are to be archived in 1Q this year. The Accession Forms need to be uploaded in the Records Transfer Request (RTR) form and then submitted to the IRM mailbox for uploading into the OmniRim database, bar code labeling on the boxes, and schedule for pick and processing to Iron Mountain. The IRM team has expressed that they could assist in helping with the back log but would need manager approval.Complimentary Filing:340 complimentary filesComplimentary Filings are in both file rooms B-4463 and B-4560. This process consists of contacting the IRM team and requesting a File Box listing report for that compound/study number. Review of the report to find the filing section and box number. Next an email is sent to the IRM mailbox to have the box pulled from the Iron Mountain facility. This process can take a day or two depending on the time of day it is requested. Once the box has arrived at BW, the IRM schedules a time to have the box delivered to the file room. Complimentary documents are filed. The IRM team is then contacted either by phone or email to schedule a time to have the box picked up and processed to be returned to the warehouse.OmniRim database.Must be proficient with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook.</p>
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