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Machine Operator/Repair Technician Jobs

Charlottesville, Virginia

<p>Responsibilities:Perform the physical or administrative tasks involved in the shipping, receiving, storing, and distributing of materials, parts, supplies and equipment.Unpack, check and transport parts, materials, supplies, and products to and/or from receiving and shipping areas, stock areas, and other appropriate storage locations*Conduct inventory for identification, quantity, condition, etc., of materials and keep routine records of transactions on the computer.Pack and ship products to the desired locations in the best mannerPrepare and maintain records of merchandise shippedPrepare kitting packages for assembly productionKeep stock areas organized, clean and well maintainedIdentify parts, follow safety regulations in storing and handling materialsPull and log material for kitting; create computer-generated reports regarding WIP and inventory.Performs other duties as requested or assigned by Manager or Team Lead.</p><p>Required Qualifications:</p><p>High School Diploma or local equivalent</p><p>Ability to perform detail oriented work and complete projects on time</p><p>Basic computer knowledge</p>

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