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Ultrasonic Inspector Jobs

Navasota, Texas
<p> JOB DESCRIPTION</p><p>Title: Ultrasonic Inspector</p><p>General Summary of Position</p><p>Inspect forgings for defects to help maintain product reliability.</p><p>Essential Functions</p><p>Perform inspection to written procedures.Report inspection findings to the Quality Supervisor or Quality Manager.Perform tests on machines to assure they are in proper working condition.May provide training to other employees.Properly follow company and OSHA safety procedures. Bring problems to the attention of Managers, Supervisors, Group Leaders, Safety/Environmental Manager, or Director of Human Resource.Follow daily procedures and protocols as set forth in job orientations and trainings.</p><p>Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other Characteristics</p><p>Ability to work within estabilished polices and rules. An error in judgment could cause a part with a defect to be shipped, which could cause loss of time and expense to customer.Ability to work with fellow plant employees; Have good people skills.Ability to operate ultrasonic machines with all equipment used for testing operations.Ability to pass A.M.T test and eye exam.</p><p>Qualifications</p><p>No education required; High School Education or Equivalent is preferred.Must be able to read and write English.Experience and previous certification is required.</p><p>Special Requirements</p><p>Level II: In the method which certified the Level II shall:</p><p>Have the skills and knowledge to set up and standardize equipment, process parts, interpret and evaluate for acceptance or rejection, and document results.</p><p>Be thoroughly familiar with the scope and limitations of the technique/method.</p><p>Have the skills and knowledge to conduct system performance checks in accordance with the applicable process standard.</p><p>Be capable of providing the necessary guidance and/or supervision to trainees and Level 1 personnel.</p><p>Be familiar with codes, standards, and other contractual documents that control the method as used by the employer.</p><p>Have a basic knowledge of relevant product manufacturing and inspection technology.</p>
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