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Animal Technician (AM) Jobs

Holden, Massachusetts

<p>Animal Technician (AM) AP7110359</p><p>Holden, MA 01520</p><p>12 Month Contract</p><p>*** No Subcontractors ***</p><p>Duties:</p><p>Provide daily care, health monitoring, cleaning and sanitizing enclosure equipment for experimental egg layer animalsSanitize production rooms, enclosures, equipment, corridors and support areas using appropriate techniques to promote egg layer health and welfare and to comply with regulations and company policies.Provide nutrition for egg layers by supplying feed and waterOrganize and maintain egg layer enclosures, supplies and equipmentAssess egg layer health status by gathering and documenting data and observing animals.Administer treatments and euthanize egg layers according to written procedures.Maintain records as defined in Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)Collect eggs and record related data per SOP Monitor machinery and environment by collecting, documenting and comparing data against established standards.Troubleshoot problems as necessary.Report and refer issues requiring outside service to the Facility Director.Perform routine and non-routine maintenance and ensure proper operation of equipment and machineryHandle egg layers according to specified procedures and techniques to allow for layer care and research to be performed in safe and humane mannerProvide weekend and /or holiday egg layer care as neededCross-train in all areas of the Facility and provide needed support as-neededPerform job duties in compliance with Company policies and proceduresCollect and package waste material to be sent out for incineration according to specified procedures.Receive and process incoming shipments of supplies and materialsAssist with the completion of special projects as needed</p><p>Skills: 0 – 3 Years of Experience</p><p>Appreciation for animals as pets or in a laboratory setting Ability to work independently and as part of a team Ability to closely follow established procedures Ability to prioritize and organize work to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks Adaptable to changing priorities Must read, write and understand spoken English Endure long periods of standing, lift 40 pounds and climb ladders or scaffolding The Technician must be willing and able to wear an N-95 respirator, examination gloves and other personal protective equipment according to required procedures No unmanaged allergies to animals</p><p>Must not own or come in contact with any avian species. This includes but is not limited to, parakeets, pigeons, chickens, turkeys, wild birds, swans, pheasants, ducks or migratory fowl</p><p>Education: High School Diploma</p>

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