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Perfumery Lab Technician Jobs

Plainsboro, New Jersey
<p>Responsibilities:MAIN TASKS Perform independently complex, routine and non- routine laboratory activities including analytical tasks and sample preparation/purification Identify common problems/issues encountered. Keep daily record and appropriate documentation on all laboratory work performed. Manage stock of lab supplies & raw material as well as storage of samples prepared and maintain clean and well organized laboratory/work place Independently operate standard equipment/procedures to the required level. Assure compliance of HS&E procedures and proactively contribute to the improvement of lab safety.</p><p>Duties:</p><p>Prepare fragranced applications samples for clients.</p><p>Manage sample timing and coordinate with requestors.</p><p>Maintain stock control of client bases.</p><p>Maintain workload database and file sample requests.</p><p>Making/managing all large sample orders</p><p>Making sure lab is safety compliant</p><p>Managing/delegation of help needed for large sample orders</p><p>Filling bar soap requests Waste disposal</p><p>Qualifications:College degree, or CFC, BSc or equivalent degree/experience. PREVIOUS PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES Minimum 3-5 years in a laboratory environment.</p><p>COMPETENCIES</p><p>1. Collaboration/contribution to team success.</p><p>2. Quality & Service orientation.</p><p>3. Continuous improvement and adaptation to changes.</p><p>4. Identification/assessment of problems</p>
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