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Order Filler/Packer/Compounder Jobs

Plainsboro, New Jersey
<p>Essential Duties and Responsibilities:</p><p>Accurately weigh and pack orders in respective containers according to instructions.</p><p>Operate all scales to weigh product for packing.</p><p>Utilize company labeling procedures for packing and repacking orders and stock materials, including the immediate destruction of extra labels.</p><p>Operate department pumps, filters, scales and computer systems in order to perform work tasks.</p><p>Follow company safety, quality and operational procedures to verify and record information during container filling. This includes procedures for using equipment, tools, electronic/computer system.</p><p>Take samples from raw materials and finished product for testing, while adhering to Quality Control requirements.</p><p>Ensure safe operation of forklift, drum handling equipment and Big Joe Lift.</p><p>Work and train under the supervision of experienced order filler.</p><p>Follow inspection procedures for all containers prior to filling.</p><p>Ensure proper storage of materials by following storage requirements for storage racks, freezers, cold and hot box.</p><p>Ensure the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment at all times.</p><p>Perform other duties as assigned.</p><p>Qualifications:</p><p>Prior experience handling chemicals.</p><p>Years of packing = 0 to 2 years minimum.</p><p>Equipment operator experience in a manufacturing environment.</p><p>Knowledge of G.M.P's (Good Manufacturing Practices)</p><p>Knowledge of H.A.C.C.P (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)</p><p>High School Diploma or GED required</p>
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