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Electrical Engineer Aerospace(Motors solar Propulsion) Jobs

Menlo Park, California

<p>Electrical Engineer – Motors and Propulsion</p><p>Duties: Seeks an electrical engineer contractor to assist with design of highly efficient, light weight motors and motor controllers to enable high altitude, long-duration solar powered flight for its Aquila UAV. This is a key role responsible for a critical subsystem.</p><p> Duties:</p><p> * Specify, design and develop key propulsion components of the Aquila HALE UAV, from motor to motor controller, with the goals of minimizing weight and maximizing efficiency.</p><p> * Collaborate with internal teams on requirements specification, fabrication, testing and system engineering</p><p> * Manage external supplier projects</p><p> * Write, develop, and maintain interface control documents for vendor software and communications; Support firmware and microcontroller code for motor controllers.</p><p> * Optimize thermal design of motor and motor controller design for minimum weight</p><p> * Simulate and test performance of propulsion subsystem.</p><p></p><p>Skills: Candidates should be able to show examples of the following in their resume:</p><p> * 5+ years of demonstrated experience designing developing highly efficient, power dense electrical motors.</p><p> * Experience with motor controller development for high efficiency, and firmware communications</p><p> * Demonstrated vendor management experience</p><p> * Experience in aerospace (propeller integration, high altitude environments) highly desirable</p><p> * Some practical interdisciplinary understanding of physics, mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, and aerodynamics</p><p> * Proficiency in hands-on rapid prototype development and iteration</p><p> * Clear communication style, both verbal and written</p><p>Keywords:</p><p>Education: Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering or Physics</p><p></p><p></p>

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