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Software Engineer (games or 3D graphics) Jobs

Seattle, Washington
<p>Duties:</p><p>1. Work with Product Managers, Designers, Artists, and Engineers to define high-quality 3D and 2D image effects to be used with Messenger Video.</p><p>2. Implement Effects using effects editor tool set.</p><p>3. Write code to implement various aspects of the Effects behavior in JavaScript</p><p>4. Test the Effect implementation on a variety of device types and configurations.</p><p>5. Work with Facebooks tools for managing Effect rollout and deployment.</p><p>Skills:</p><p>Familiarity with 3D graphics concepts and engines (e.g. Unity, Unreal)</p><p>Familiarity with 3D modeling tools (e.g. Maya)</p><p>Experience implementing complex animations in 3D space</p><p>Knowledge of JavaScript or other procedural programming language, particularly in the context of gaming or graphics.</p><p>Education:</p><p>BS, 2-5 years experience</p>
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