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Drilling Fluids Specialist Jobs

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
<p>Drilling Fluids Specialist</p><p>Contract to Hire</p><p>Oklahoma City OK 73114</p><p></p><p>Job Summary:</p><p>Provide onsite services to the operator by measuring, testing, and supervising the running of fluid mixing and pumping, including technical analysis and specific recommendations for controlling fluid properties.</p><p></p><p>Essential Responsibilities and Duties:</p><p>- Review mud program to prepare orders and mixing plans</p><p>- Write procedures for mixing mud and handling of products</p><p>- Gather chemical or fluid samples for testing</p><p>- Test fluids to determine trends and identify contaminants</p><p>- Record mud testing results to identify trends</p><p>- Interpret data from mud property checks to evaluate treatment or action required</p><p>- Determine the cause of mud, hole, or system problems so correct treatment can be recommended</p><p>- Determine chemical treatment to optimize drilling parameters</p><p>- Advise clients on potential treatments or improvements to the mud system based on data analysis and mud testing</p><p>- Make recommendations concerning solids control processes to ensure the equipment is optimized for economic solids removal</p><p>- Supervise rig personnel when performing chemical additions and recording drilling fluids parameters</p><p>- Manage product inventory to ensure availability</p><p>- Establish and maintain good working relationships with clients and rig personnel</p><p>- Maintain environmental discharge and consumption records as required by legislation or client</p><p>- Comply with company and customer health and safety procedures</p><p>- Follow daily reporting processes and procedures</p><p>- Monitory daily drilling operations to reduce or eliminate problems associated with drilling mud</p><p></p><p>Education Requirements: Education:</p><p>High school to Masters (varies by country)Experience:0 - 15 years of experience</p>
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