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Multiply Shifts, PT Janitorial Jobs

Huber Heights, Ohio
<p>Environment Control offers 6 month bonuses, yearly bonuses, and various shifts to choose from. We are a growing company with decades of experience in the janitorial field.</p><p>Openings for cleaner: North Huber Heights area. NearI70. (Morning Shift 6am-9am or 8am-11am.) (Afternoon shift 2pm-5pm) (NIght time 10pm-1am) All Monday-Friday. $10.00 per hour.</p><p>Week-end Shift: (Daytime 8am-11am) (Night time10pm-1am) Saturday and Sunday $10.00 per hour.</p><p>Supervisor position avaiable: (Daytime 10am-4pm) Monday-Friday. $11.00 per hour</p><p>Check us out at</p><p></p>
This job is no longer active. You can search for similar jobs here